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Are you running a B2B e-commerce store? Still, you don’t know about the potential clients of your store? These can be a big issue for managing and growing your business successfully. User Management is critical in defining distinct roles and skills of different users to make a B2B or Wholesale B2B e-commerce website successful. These types of users are also used to describe product catalogs and price lists. Though there are many types of users, we can essentially define B2B Ecommerce users into five groups.

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B2B Companies: These are business accounts that purchase wholesale goods from a B2B e-Commerce store. These accounts are generated on demand and serve as the foundation or parent user for its child users referred to as Contact Persons. The contact persons are the individuals who carry out transactions on behalf of the company. On these B2B Company accounts, several forms of discounts and product visibility are typically offered.These businesses are classified as Customer Groups on a B2B Ecommerce website to facilitate the web store's product and price variations.

B2C Users: These are the e-commerce website's general retail users. They rarely conduct wholesale transactions and do not have a parent corporate account.

Contact Persons (Admin): These individuals are formed under the B2B Company accounts and perform all transactions on the company's behalf. They can use the company account and billing address to place orders. The admin has access to the orders of other company contacts. Other company contact persons can also be added by the administrator.

Contact Persons (Non-Admin): The same as contact person admin, with the exception that they cannot create other contact persons nor examine orders placed by other company contact persons. They can, of course, place orders on the company's behalf.One thing to remember is that the contact person admin has the authority to approve orders placed by other contact persons and can send estimates before placing orders.

Sales Representatives: These are B2B Ecommerce firm users who place orders on behalf of any B2B user accounts. A single sales representative can place orders for many companies. These users serve as a link between B2B E-commerce and its wholesale customers, facilitating wholesale transactions.

The five user types listed above are the most common in any B2B or Wholesale e-Commerce store. We may assign distinct Roles and Capabilities to each of these sorts of users, allowing them to access various e-commerce functionalities.Begin with India Udhyog, the best B2B portal in India, and discover a new method to meet the demands of today's B2B buyers!