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PVC labels are tags typically sewn on clothing, hats, shoes, canvas covers, bags, and sweatshirts to support the company image. PVC labels are soft PVC rubber and extremely valuable for apparel. A sewing groove circular surrounds the PVC label, which can be used to sew the PVC label onto clothing. Double-sided adhesive tape can also be used to attach it to items.

Know the extraordinary qualities of PVC labels of AP Enterprises and why you should buy them.

What Is the Distinction Between a PVC Label and a Regular Label?

A standard label is a piece of paper, plastic film, cloth, metal, or other substance attached to a container or product containing the product's printed or written information. The material and technology restrict the size and style of standard labels; most are printed with information as plain labels.

Our PVC labels are distinct from other materials and outlast other labels. And PVC labels are mostly immediately stitched on clothing, with a few exceptions that are pasted on the object or packaging. The graphic style of our PVC label is unlimited due to technological benefits; prominent 2D patterns or three-dimensional 3D graphics can be achieved, for example.

Our Labels have many uses, including information about the product's origin, the manufacturer (such as brand name), use, shelf life, and disposal, some or all of which may be regulated by our country or our food laws, and so on.

The Benefits of Our PVC Rubber labels

Why are our PVC labels appropriate for garment labels? PVC is composed of soft PVC rubber and has a very smooth texture. Drop rubber injects color into the design, ensuring it does not fade or become out of shape. The majority of the PVC markings are sewn onto the garments. If customers do not like the labels on the clothing they purchase, they can remove them by cutting the stitches themselves.

Our PVC labels are not restricted by technology; all styles and sizes, including transparent, luminous labels, can be customized. It is also non-toxic, has a long service life, and has low production expenses. PVC labels can be used as apparel embellishments and as garment decorations. As a result, the PVC label has a high market worth.

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