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Gathering mature crops from an agricultural field is known as harvesting. As a result of the increased human power required by this process, labor costs will increase. An agriculture reaper machine makes your work easier and helps you save money on labor. Agriculture machinery from Samruddhi Agro known as the power reaper aids in the harvest of mature crops.

It's a machine that can do a lot of things in a small and manageable package. Harvest various crops with less effort and ease. This machine is able to balance on a variety of terrains and uneven surfaces thanks to its large and wide tires. This reaper makes working on a plain surface farm, sloping field, or rocky surface a breeze. It is a self-propelled, man-held reaper that is also utilized for paddy harvesting from the field.

The advantages of Samruddhi Agro’s Power Reaper's simple controls:

  • Manual dealing with machines doesn't need separate machines for mounting.
  • Time and money are saved.
  • Suitable for a wide range of crops, including Bengal gram, black gram, green gram, wheat, soybean mustard, paddy, and other varieties
  • This machine replaces the work up to the most extreme, so it saves work costs.

A self-propelled reaper with rotary blades that aid in the efficient cutting of crops is the Kamco power reaper. What's more, we have a harvester folio machine that does collecting and restricting works all at once, so it will diminish your limiting work alongside reaping.

Specification of our Kamco Power Reaper

●   Model: 120 B's rated horsepower is 3.89 rpm 1800.

●   Fuel: Petrol

●   Honda engine maker

●   Type: Air Cooled Single Cylinder Vertical 4 Stroke Spark Ignition

●   356 Gm/kWh of specific fuel consumption

●   3.6 km/hr in the forward direction and 3.1 km/hr in the reverse

●   Crop release on the machine's right side (Viewed From the Rear)

●   Relevant Plant Size: 60 to 120 cm

●   Working Capacity: 1.08 to 4.65 hectares

●   Knife Bar reciprocating device for cutting

●   Cutting Height: 5 to 20 cm Off the Ground

●   120 cm Cutting Width

●   Applicability for Dry and Wet Field

●   General measurements: Dimensions: 2320 x 1545 x 1100 mm

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