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The pandemic was terrible, but it also helped us advance in technology adoption by a decade. Do you require evidence that the pandemic has changed things? In the past year, IndiaMart's share price has increased by up to 270 percent.

India Udhyog is another startup that uses technology to help wholesale business owners expand. However, the fact of the matter is that we are the only Indian B2B e-Commerce technology company to simplify all the world-class features for the Indian market and users.

1. The Indian business community has recently discovered WhatsApp's potential. Manufacturers and distributors can communicate using their personal connections through options like catalogs. Newsletters, chatbots, email marketing, push notifications, and other options have all been chosen by some of them.

2. Another Net Solutions survey found that 63% of B2B companies are now focusing on providing wholesale customers with a personalized experience through analytics. The use of data analytics to enhance the overall customer experience was one of the B2B e-Commerce solutions. But right now, we're changing and trying to get better for each individual customer.

3. UPI is gaining popularity because it is fast, easy, and safe to use. Retailers now use UPI a lot. Another encouraging sign of technology adoption in the Indian B2B commerce market is retailers' use of UPI payments. As a result, UPI has emerged as a significant payment method.

4. Mobile e-commerce is becoming more and more common in the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace. Since more and more people conduct business on their mobile phones, this channel will be crucial in the coming years. According to Forrester, 52% of B2B buyers use their smartphones to research products. If they use their phones to search for products, browse catalogs, and read reviews, you can bet that they will also be looking for an easy-to-use mobile purchasing experience.

5. It goes without saying that B2B buyers place a high value on content because they want specifics and information. Rich media and high-resolution product images, as well as merchandising guidelines, are what they want. These specifics aid in establishing trust and rationalizing purchases. This gives brands and distributors many opportunities to better educate wholesale customers about products and keep retailers and brands in touch with new products, promotions, and training materials more frequently.

India Udhyog is a rich B2B portal that utilizes all these latest technologies in their platform to benefit their current and to be connected business owners. So, if you want to see the enormous potential growth of your business in the coming years, waste no time and join India Udhyog now.