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According to this quote, The world is now move ahead. We have to think about it, we have to be alert because if we are not sleeping we know about all these things, Today’s generation is 5G generation and very fast moving ahead and ahead. It is necessary to meet our steps with this generation. We have so many mediums to get this opportunity easily. There mediums are like Youtube, Google, Facebook, etc, They all are online mediums. In this way we can do business by the least hard work and less investment. Now this time I have remember a Gujarati lady’s story whose name is Nisha. Her financial position was not so well she was a house wife she know only cooking and house hold work. One day her son and daughter told her that mamma you are cooking delicious food you can learn our neighbours to cook delicious food nisha like this thought and she has started to learn her neighbour how to cook delicious dishes. Her neighbors impressed by her dishes and praised her very much. Nisha was very happy she was thinking positively and she has come to an idea that she can learn to people  the delicious dishes by mobile from home by her one positive thought she has started her youtube channel for recipes and slowly today she is earning  1 lakh rupees per month she is now famous in the world as “Nisha madhulika” Really money is everywhere and waiting for sprinkling on us who are hardworking think how the magnet is attracted to iron we have to be a money magnet It is possible to get money by clay If we become  “MONEY MAGNET”