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Digital Transformation is a journey, a journey of updating your business and keeping it in line with the current trends of the industry. With more people getting digitally savvy, the customers of today are online, a digital presence has become a must for every business. Why do you think so? What is the value you get it? Does it really work?

Across industries, the Covid-19 pandemic forced many companies to accelerate their digital transformations to be able to compete and rather be able to even just survive by breaking even.

In 2022, the total spending on digital transformation technologies and services is being projected to reach a huge amount of $1.8 trillion and is set to increase to $2.8 trillion by 2025 according to Statista. These numbers demonstrate the growth and how much the companies are planning to invest in digitally transforming themselves to be able to compete.

Well has been proved to give 3 to 5 times the value in half the time and at half the cost. Yes, you got that right, you can save on the cost tremendously and you save on time spent hence, it is a win-win situation from every end.

A digital India initiative by the government is being well focussed on bringing about transparency in the whole process of dealing with things be it products, services, or finance. The reach of telecom has been like the reach of post offices in the last century, the quick adaptation and dependence on it has opened up new avenues for businessmen.

To leverage what the digital world has to offer and that too in the right way is what each businessman may not know. It is a huge space and is growing by the day, digital technology is a fast faced every changing area that needs one to stay updated. Would a businessman be able to focus on his core business and simultaneously build a digital presence for his business? A mere digital presence in the form of a catalog or social media handle isn’t enough at this juncture. The audience of today is well informed and likes to do thorough research before even the smallest of purchases. It is this audience that has to be brought in by building that trust through the digital medium. The customer of today not just sees the product but also the convenience of purchase, contact, after-sales, and much more! Are we ready to tap this digitally savvy audience? There are digital portals out there that provide a whole bunch of digital services to tap and retain your audience.

Authored by

Radhika Kamra