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A B2B platform is essential for B2B firms. The technology, which integrates with ERP, makes it simple to sell things online.

B2B enterprises understand that B2B platforms are crucial for selling things online and staying competitive. B2B professionals understand the importance of focusing on the customer experience. Choosing a B2B platform is the most crucial aspect of every B2B firm. Here are a few benefits of selecting a reliable B2B platform like India Udhyog:

Customer Service

Because most clients conduct online orders using multiple devices, a responsive platform is critical for giving the same experience across all devices. An adaptable B2B website design makes it simple to browse, buy, and finish transactions on a mobile device, desktop computer, or tablet.

The checkout Procedure Is Simple

Customers should be able to see all cart info during the checkout process readily. Pricing and discount information should be easily accessible, and the best B2B platforms never mislead customers. Because many customers will abandon their cart if the checkout process requires them to sign up for an account to finish their purchase, your checkout process will allow users to complete transactions without signing up for an account.


B2B companies should prioritize a platform that offers customer-specific pricing. In contrast to B2C, product prices will fluctuate depending on the consumer group and the number of orders for individual items.

Regular customers should be treated better than one-time customers. They are setting up customer-specific or customized pricing aids to increase client loyalty. Giving regular customers discounts may encourage shoppers to look for the products in other online retailers. Unique price options such as bulk, role-based, or group pricing are advantageous in a B2B platform.


PCI compliance is in any reliable B2B platform, as all clients are concerned about securing their credit card information and personal data.

The tasks vary depending on the platform you choose. Customers must have the relevant PCI security information and understand how security will work within a specific forum.

Relationships with Customers

B2B customers invest a significant amount of time in creating client connections. These connections frequently result in the negotiation of customized product offerings and pricing structures.

An ERP that is connected with the B2B platform provides options for developing B2B customer relationships in an online store. A CRM coupled with your ERP allows you to access your customer data from one platform.