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The IndiaUdhyog brand is to amplify the success stories of businesses all around by providing a perfect platform for them to grow. Our IndiaUdhyog logo represents what we stand for and what we aim to provide for all through our e-commerce business.

The IndiaUdhyog logo has an industry icon that represents the core of our initiative. We intend to benefit the industries by connecting the sellers to buyers. The buyers may be the end-users or may again have their own businesses that are sourcing materials from the sellers. Thus, industries, of all kinds, receive a tremendous boost from this B2B and B2C initiative thus helping them in their sales and profits.

Keeping in tandem with the government’s “Make in India” initiative, we have designed the logo to include the famous Gandhi Charkha (Spinning Wheel) that will connect India to the rest of the world. The colors of India flag in the map of India are to make us proud of being Indians. The entire setup represents the harmony needed between countries to grow by helping others grow.

The path that is beneath the Charkha is to remind us that success and growth are always what lead us ahead.

The entire components are in a giant “U” shape that is the U of Udyog in IndiaUdhyog. It is the business or the Udyog (Hindi word for business) that is crucial for the prosperity of a country and an individual and holds the key for the economic growth of a country. It is businesses that feed millions through employment opportunities.

The two wings at either side of “U” are a representation of wings of networking and efficiency. When both these work in tandem, will a business grow and succeed.

The IndiaUdhyog brand is a gentle reminder of this country’s capability to help businesses flourish. We aim to be a catalyst in this change and help enterprises in their journey of growth and success.