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India Udhyog has ranked among the top 10 B2B leaders since its start as a B2B business website in 2020 and has served numerous members online. In addition to B2B websites, EDI services, and trade advising, all of which are centered on marketing, we offer online trade-related services for SMEs.

Thanks to our broad B2B network and high brand recognition, we are growing our business into the pan-India market by providing superior value, such as more significant new ventures, increased profits, and convenience.

Start-up and medium-sized businesses may reach millions of clients thanks to various programs offered by India Udhyog that help them grow their income, market share, and efficiency. Currently, India Udyog employs numerous micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, including vendors, weavers, craftspeople, delivery services, and more.

Since 2020, many new vendors have joined India Udhyog, and the major cities have played a crucial role in helping these companies manage the market disruption through lockdowns and on-ground limitations. India Udhyog is once more newly entering the services in 2022 and continually working with shifting consumer demand with a focus on our three fundamental pillars while taking measures to help them navigate the disruption caused by the epidemic.

Our leadership principles set forth how India Udhyog conducts business, how leaders lead, and how we rank the needs of our clients. As we diligently follow our aim of being the most customer-centric, finest employer, and safest company in India, we are guided by our Leadership Principles, which encompass the distinctive India Udhyog culture.

All business solutions will soon be implemented online, and all methods will be automated.

By providing goods and services for each step of the B2B process, from luring new clients to concluding payments, we will create a "One-Stop B2B Network."

Additionally, we will offer a comprehensive online B2B and B2C service with offline assistance, satisfying one of the crucial needs of a start-up company.