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Laminaton doors Ruppee2300 /Piece

A door is an opening between two rooms, but it is also a location to lock off your home from the outside world. A door is the first thing you notice when entering a room and the final thing you notice when leaving. It is a crucial component of any home. When purchasing a new door for your home, it is critical that you select the correct door for your needs. When purchasing a new door, be certain that it complements the decor of your home. The door should be strong and durable. You should also ensure that the door is built of a material that fits the rest of the house.

New Star Doors Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Suthar Hinges Mamata Ply and Hardware Aurangabad, Maharashtra Ruppee57 /Piece Standard Supplier

It is easiest to install and adjust with a simple turn of a knob. Suitable for closet doors, kitchen cabinet doors, etc. The Cabinets should be silently closed.

It is simple to install your new cabinets and replace your outdated hinges.

Cabinet door hinges that operate smoothly and efficiently were designed for that purpose.

Each hinge is expertly made and created.

Its simple elegance will improve your house.


Mamata Ply and Hardware Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Fiber doors Ruppee1800 /Piece

WPC solid fiber doors are essentially a type of thicker board that has become popular as a solid door. These doors are a straight replacement for solid wood doors.

The door frame is made of solid PVC WPC and must be attached to the wall with a long screw with a PVC grip (fastener type). Several times during the building, it is held in place by L clamps and painted during the finishing step.

A quality door product from New Star Doors

New Star Doors Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Rauting doors Ruppee220 /Piece

We provide a full line of solid rauting doors with design, where both faces are laminated with the same texture and design. These are made of well-seasoned wood.

The Lamination Doors are composed of 100% hard wood with high-viscosity chemical resin for extended durability and digital design print quality.

It has a lovely appearance, requires minimal maintenance, and is washable.

New Star Doors Aurangabad, Maharashtra