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Aqua Alive AQUA LIFE Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra Ruppee9500 /Piece Standard Supplier

The quality inspectors examine a variety of factors to confirm their lack of defects.

1. Taste Enhancement, 2. reducing offensive odors 3. Superb culmination 4. High resilience 5. Low cost of maintenance. Easy to install, in 6. By purchasing this product, you can ensure that your water purifier will always provide safe drinking water once the service kit is fitted. It offers good value for the money spent.

TDS Controller Technology Purification System with RO+UV+Alkaline B-12 This purifier's alkaline feature aids in keeping the pH of water between 8.5 and 9.5, resulting in alkaline and healthy drinking water. You get crystal-clear water that is free of microbiological contamination thanks to Ultra Filtration, which adds another layer of filtration.


Water Purifier: 9500
AQUA LIFE Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
KG DIGISERV Bharuch, Gujarat
Aqua Jade Water Purifier 10 liters RO+TDS+B12 (Green White) AQUA LIFE Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra Ruppee8500 /Piece Standard Supplier

The technology offers RO+TDS+B12 double purification, which eliminates even dissolved contaminants like salts and chemicals. The purifier will be more durable and survive longer thanks to the model's use of ABS food-grade plastic. 5 stages, simple wall mount, advanced design. It has both a pre-filter and the main unit and reduces TDS by 90%. It is simple to put on the wall of your kitchen, or our executive may install it for you for no cost.


Water Purifier: 8500
AQUA LIFE Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
KENT Grand+ ZWW 9 LTR Mineral RO+UV+UF+TDS Control + UV in Tank Water purifier, 11099- White AQUA LIFE Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra Ruppee6500 /Piece Standard Supplier

Water is purified many times using the RO+UV+UF+TDS Control method, which eliminates all bacteria, viruses, and dissolved pollutants like arsenic, rust, pesticides, and fluorides.

Zero Water Wastage Technology makes sure that no water is lost during the purifying process by recirculating the rejected water to the above tank using its existing booster pump.

TDS management system enables purified water's TDS level to be adjusted while maintaining vital natural minerals for drinking.

To keep purified water pure for longer periods of time, UV LED protection is used in the storage tank.

The most loved quality purifier from AQUA LIFE

Water Purifier: 6500
AQUA LIFE Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
HD GLASS roshan mobail shop Amravati, Maharashtra Ruppee75 /Piece Standard Supplier


roshan mobail shop Amravati, Maharashtra