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Marlbolo[sigrat] Ruppee17 /Piece

J J M pan center Amravati, Maharashtra
Samarth Fast food Ruppee120


samarth fast food cenar Aurangabad, Maharashtra
WHITE POMFRET Ruppee700 /Killo Gram

Description: Pomfrets are perciform fish from the Bramidae family. There are roughly 20 species in the family. Pomfret Fish is a delectable single-bony fish that is popular worldwide. washed, dressed, and placed inside zipped bag. The Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans are where you can find them. It contains a lot of minerals and omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary fatty acids. Nutritionists advise pregnant women to include fish in their diets. Besides having a high fat content, pomfret fish also include calcium, vitamins A and D, and B vitamins, including vitamin B12. A quality fish from King Fish Suppliers.

KING FISH SUPPLIERS Mumbai, Maharashtra
Kashmiri Kahwa Powder Ruppee200 /Killo Gram

The Kashmiri kahwah is made by boiling green tea leaves with local saffron, cinnamon, cardamom and occasionally Kashmiri roses. It is generally served with sugar or honey and crushed nuts, usually almonds or walnuts. Some varieties are made as a herbal infusion only—without the green tea leaves.

AARVI ENTERPRISES Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Inklesh barsagade Ruppee3000 /Killo Gram

i..i..b Gadchiroli, Maharashtra
Krishna chat bhandar Ruppee15 /Killo Gram

shree krishna chat bhandar Aurangabad, Maharashtra
DELUXE POMFRET Ruppee1400 /Killo Gram

Description: The Cambay Tiger Pomfret or Deluxe Pomfret Whole Small Fish is completely natural, fresh, and delicious. This fish is not only nutritious but also delicious because it contains no transfat. To preserve its natural flavor and give the impression that the fish was just bought from the market, the raw fish is frozen. The fish doesn't even need to be cleaned because it is already prepared for cooking! A quality fish from King Fish Suppliers.


KING FISH SUPPLIERS Mumbai, Maharashtra


Milk & Dairy Products

Ajay t- senter and hollsell Gadchiroli, Maharashtra
Milk Ruppee26 /Killo Gram

S , Maharashtra
Special malvani masala Ruppee750 /Killo Gram

Agasti_masale Aurangabad, Maharashtra