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California Sweet Almond Ruppee600 /Killo Gram

It is a bright white fruit wrapped in a reddish brown cover. The almond is a dry fruit that supplies 576 and 626kcal/100g and is a good source of phosphorus, calcium and other minerals which are important for health, like iron.

AARVI ENTERPRISES Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Chaha Ruppee10 /Piece

Premacha chaha Amravati Division, Maharashtra
Cold coffee Ruppee50 /Killo Gram

Yari Dosti Cafe Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Rasu department stores Ruppee135 /Killo Gram

Rasu department stores Karundevanpalayam, Tamil Nadu
RED SNAPPER / TAAM Ruppee500 /Killo Gram

Description: Each person is drawn to them just because of their appearance. The whole range of moderate estimates is available. Slice cuttings provide access to larger ones. Between the North region and Esprito Santo or Red Snapper, there are headlands where you can get this excellent fish with firm, white flesh. Their red hue is dependent on the depth of the water they swim in; the deeper the water, the redder they are. It is frequently roasted, though it can also be grilled or fried. A quality fish from King Fish Suppliers.

KING FISH SUPPLIERS Mumbai, Maharashtra
sev ushal Ruppee70 /Piece

Description: Dried green peas are used to make this Sev Usal, along with several hot and fragrant components. The Tari, which is made with a tadka of red chili powder and a lot of garlic, is what makes this Sev Usal recipe unique.The Sev Usal Tari was served on top of the Sev Usal, along with some chopped onions, spring onions, and plenty of sev. Get the best quality sev ushal from SHREE RIDDHI SIDDHI BOMBAY VADAPAV shop and enjoy your day.


VAISHALI MASALE Nagpur, Maharashtra
Flavoured Salt Healthy Ruppee189 /Killo Gram

Salt is not tasty, but necessary to get the taste of every food. But when the salt is healthy, then ‘what more do you want’. Get the flavored salt for its unbelievable benefits and price offers.

Product Description

It is a combination of rock salt with regional spices and herbs. It is ground over the red stone to maintain its inherent scent and flavor. Flavored salt is organic, free of additives, and rich in micronutrients. As opposed to processed and packaged table salt. All the herbs are organically farmed, giving you the most health advantages without sacrificing flavor.


●   High in dietary fiber, enticing to the senses, helpful for digestion, and boosting the immune system

●   No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives | It is prepared to go with salads, raita, cut fruits, and other dishes since it is seasoned with herbs and spices.

●   Use: Salt can be added to any food. Use it as a garnish on curd, pizza, and other dishes. It can also be used as regular salt when cooking any of your favorite daals, poultry, or vegetables.

Kalai Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Samarth Fast food Ruppee120


samarth fast food cenar Aurangabad, Maharashtra
sunflower oil Ruppee350 /Killo Gram

orgisattva Aurangabad, Maharashtra