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Perfect goti soda shop Ruppee20 /Killo Gram

Perfect goti soda shop Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Paneer Ruppee320 /Killo Gram

Paneer: 320
rudra Milk Dairy Amravati, Maharashtra
Krishna chat bhandar Ruppee15 /Killo Gram

shree krishna chat bhandar Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Safflower oil Ruppee310 /Killo Gram

Description: Tall safflower plants with spiked leaves and bright yellow or orange blossoms. In ancient Egypt, it’s blossoms were used to color garments. Safflower petals, a yellow spice that is frequently used to color and taste rice dishes, are sometimes utilized in place of saffron by certain individuals today. Safflower oil is also made from safflower seeds. Vaishanvi Oil Shop provides you the fresh safflower oil in India.


Vaishanvi Oil Shop Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Boiler Chicken Ruppee200 /Killo Gram

Taste the finest chicken from Zam Zam Chicken Shop and mesmerized by the taste of fresh boiler meat.

Description: Find the fresh and best quality Boiler Chiken for regular meat purposes. Zam Zam Chicken Shop is the best for boiler chicken and similar. Price will vary on the order quantity.

Quality:: Fresh Quantity:: 1 kg/minimum Price:: 200/Kg Availability: All Time
Zam Zam Chicken Shop Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Prawns Ruppee500 /Killo Gram

Description: Prawns are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Both have high levels of beneficial cholesterol and few calories. a tasty ingredient that is suitable for grilling, frying, curries, etc. To your front door, King Fish Suppliers deliver a huge variety of tastes, views, and experiences.

KING FISH SUPPLIERS Mumbai, Maharashtra
Special malvani masala Ruppee750 /Killo Gram

Agasti_masale Aurangabad, Maharashtra
sunflower oil Ruppee350 /Killo Gram

orgisattva Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Goa areca nut Ruppee500 /Killo Gram

Nuts: 500
Sohel pan center Amravati Division, Maharashtra
Garlic pickles Ruppee250 /Piece

This Garlic Pickle is perfect for when you want some chapati in your meal, especially in the winter.

Description: Fresh garlic cloves are used to make Garlic Pickle, which is then aged and organically fermented for flavor and aroma. The absolute best garlic pickle is currently available from Kalai.

Type: Pickle Base Ingredient: Garlic Quantity: 25g Container Type:: Bottle
Kalai Dehradun, Uttarakhand