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Bismillah Ambur Star Biriyani Salem, Tamil Nadu
Bismillah Ambur Star Biriyani Salem, Tamil Nadu
CATLA Ruppee200 /Piece

Bangali Catla Fish Cut with Head is This bony, lean fish with a Bengali cut is a delight for fans of Bengali cuisine and is guaranteed to elevate your fish curries with its delicate and softly flavored meat. It contains a portion of the tail for added flavor, and the juice is infused into your curries to give them a sharp, savory body flavor. Cooking Catla Fish Stew over a low flame is acceptable these days. The Fresh Bone sells Catla Fish Bangali Cut with Head. A quality fish from King Fish Suppliers

KING FISH SUPPLIERS Mumbai, Maharashtra
ROHU Ruppee180 /Piece

Although the Rohu is the king of carps in India, it keeps a very low profile. A freshwater fish called rohu is prized in Bengal as a delicacy. The head is also utilized in curries because of its high omega 3 content, while the body is meaty and flavorful. This fish is popular because of its delicate flavor and smooth texture. A quality fish from King Fish Suppliers.

KING FISH SUPPLIERS Mumbai, Maharashtra
Garlic pickles Kalai Dehradun, Uttarakhand Ruppee250 /Killo Gram Star Supplier

This Garlic Pickle is perfect for when you want some chapati in your meal, especially in the winter.

 Fresh garlic cloves are used to make Garlic Pickle, which is then aged and organically fermented for flavor and aroma. The absolute best garlic pickle is currently available from Kalai.

Type: Pickle Base Ingredient: Garlic Quantity: 25g Container Type:: Bottle
Kalai Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Goa areca nut Sohel pan center Amravati Division, Maharashtra Ruppee500 /Killo Gram Standard Supplier

Areca nuts and betel leaf are chewed together for their modest stimulant effects, which include a warming sensation in the body and a slight increase in alertness, however, the effects differ from person to person.

It is customary to chew a blend of areca nut and betel leaf.

Offering pan-Tamul (betel leaves and raw areca nuts) to guests after tea or meals is customary in Assam.

The preparation of areca nuts with or without betel leaf is known as paan in India, the region of the Indian subcontinent that consumes the most areca nuts.

Nuts: 500
Sohel pan center Amravati Division, Maharashtra
The West Indian Honey Co. Surat, Gujarat
Kemchho Namkeen , Gujarat
Anand Namkeen , Gujarat
Rathi Food International , Maharashtra