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Bismillah Ambur Star Biriyani Salem, Tamil Nadu
Bismillah Ambur Star Biriyani Salem, Tamil Nadu
Seafood Exporters Association of India , Kerala
Anand Namkeen , Gujarat
Ramoji Wafer and Namkeen Pvt. Ltd. Surat, Gujarat
Goa areca nut Sohel pan center Amravati Division, Maharashtra Ruppee500 /Killo Gram Standard Supplier

Areca nuts and betel leaf are chewed together for their modest stimulant effects, which include a warming sensation in the body and a slight increase in alertness, however, the effects differ from person to person.

It is customary to chew a blend of areca nut and betel leaf.

Offering pan-Tamul (betel leaves and raw areca nuts) to guests after tea or meals is customary in Assam.

The preparation of areca nuts with or without betel leaf is known as paan in India, the region of the Indian subcontinent that consumes the most areca nuts.

Nuts: 500
Sohel pan center Amravati Division, Maharashtra
Farsankart.com - Online Gujarati Food Farsan Store Vadodara, Gujarat
Heefy food products pvt.ltd Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Stuti Khakhra (Khatodara Branch) , Gujarat
Fresh chicken Paplet Kebab

Chicken Seekh Paplet Kabab is created from minced chicken, also known as chicken keema, that has been seasoned with spices and a binding agent before being skewered into cylindrical forms and pan-roasted till golden, oven baked, deep-fried, or even grilled.

Get the best quality Chicken Seekh Paplet Kabab from STAR CATERERS with just a simple order. Buy online or from our shop.

STAR CATERERS Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra