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BLACK POMFRET Ruppee750 /Killo Gram

Description: Along with its silver relative, this black pomfret fish is undoubtedly among the most well-liked in India. Fish with a lot of flesh and a few bones is perfect for most Indian dishes, including the Biriyani. If you heard someone refer to this fish as the Pamfret, it wasn't just a case of a terrible accent; the Portuguese term Pampo or Pamfle is where the name originally came from.

Great with curry and fries. A quality fish from King Fish Suppliers.


KING FISH SUPPLIERS Mumbai, Maharashtra
Rasu department stores Ruppee135 /Killo Gram

Rasu department stores Karundevanpalayam, Tamil Nadu

we silver spoon have an authentic taste of tandoori biryani with minimum price.

SILVER SPOON Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Kingfisher strong Ruppee190 /Killo Gram

Pankaj bear shopee Warora, Maharashtra
INDIAN SALMON / RAWAS Ruppee750 /Killo Gram

Description: With its buttery smooth texture and oily flavor, rawas has a distinctly different texture and flavor. You can indulge guilt-free because the meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is thick and juicy. They simultaneously keep you satiated and in shape. A quality fish from King Fish Suppliers.

KING FISH SUPPLIERS Mumbai, Maharashtra
fry misal Ruppee120 /Piece

Description: A well-liked Maharashtrian breakfast is misal pav. The fry missal pav comes in a wide variety. This is suitable for brunch, lunch, or breakfast. This is a hot curry with moth beans or sprouts (Mataki). Ladi pav is offered beside it. Happy missal paving with  SHREE RIDDHI SIDDHI BOMBAY VADAPAV!


Amul lassi Ruppee20 /Killo Gram

Patle Milk Center and Daily Needs Nagpur Division, Maharashtra
Hing Powder Ruppee0 /Killo Gram

Gram: 50
Chillips Ankleshwar, Gujarat
BOMBAY DUCK / BOMBIL Ruppee200 /Killo Gram

Description: BomBli, Bombay Duck has a medium calorie density, which indicates that you get 0.1 calories per ounce, which is a modest quantity of calories.

Rich in vitamins and minerals (239.6%/cal) and a good source of manganese, which regulates blood sugar levels, vitamin B12, which helps prevent Alzheimer's disease, vitamin B6, which lessens the severity and frequency of asthma attacks, vitamin K, which prevents coronary artery disease and heart failure, vitamin A, which maintains the health of skin and mucous membrane cells, vitamin C, which prevents cardiovascular diseases, and vitamin E. (helps prevent cancer and heart diseases). A quality fish from King Fish Suppliers.


KING FISH SUPPLIERS Mumbai, Maharashtra
Almonds Ruppee800 /Killo Gram

Zaitun Dry fruits & Daily needs Aurangabad, Maharashtra