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Orbis Infosys Bharuch, Gujarat
Orbis Infosys Bharuch, Gujarat
KG DIGISERV Bharuch, Gujarat
Safari Mouse Ruppee600 /Piece

This is the best optical mouse nowadays. Its 1600 DPI sensor and small size make it suitable for use in the office or on the go. For optimum mobility, it provides wireless freedom as well as built-in USB receiver storage. You can quickly move online pages by using either hand and a scroll wheel for convenient navigation. With this 2.4GHz wireless mouse, you may have a clutter-free workspace at your desk or on your coffee table.

Note: In the event of a wireless mouse, the USB receiver will be included either within or alongside the mouse.

Get this best mouse from Empower System in Aurangabad. You may also order it online

Empower System Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Lesmo Keyboard Ruppee600 /Piece

With its low-profile design and brilliant white LED backlighting, the lesmo keyboard will transform your workstation. It will add the perfect amount of light to your workstation and transform any desk into a modern setting.

Created for Productivity

With the lesmo keyboard's full-size layout with hotkeys for media control, E-mail access, and more, you have all the keys you need for fast and comfortable typing.

Empower System Aurangabad, Maharashtra