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Indian cheese called paneer is created by curdling milk with acid and heat. It can be prepared quickly—usually in an hour or two—and has the peculiar quality of not melting when heated.

A non-melting cheese is a paneer. By using heat and acid instead of rennet to curdle milk, paneer changes the way milk proteins are bonded together. When heated, paneer doesn't melt; instead, it keeps its shape, enabling it to be boiled, fried, or grilled without crumbling. In reality, heating paneer doesn't melt the water; rather, it strengthens the bonds between the milk proteins, driving any remaining water out.

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Indian cheese known as paneer is created by combining curdled milk with a fruit or vegetable acid, such as lemon juice. Paneer's distinctive characteristics include freshness.

In modern times, major grocery chains include paneer in their items. Homemade is much better because it's creamier and softer.

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