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E Agro Care Power Weeder 9 hp Self Start Center Rotary

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Farmers now have a lot of options thanks to the Eco weeder 9hp introduction. All farmers can cut and manage crops up to a certain height without any additional difficulties.

Engine: e-AgroCare D 531 Rear, 4 Stroke, 3600 RPM Power Weeder from Samruddhi Agro includes a strong engine and a rotator that can be adjusted from 24 to 42 inches. The PTO shaft can be used to connect the HTP for spraying. The power weeder is readily attached to the ridger, plough, paddy wheel, and potato digger. Along with the equipment, a free rotator, set of tires, and ridger are provided. The primary purpose of the e-AgroCare D 531 Rear is to remove weeds during crop cultivation and when laying out the rows for the planting of crops like sugarcane, paddy, cotton, etc. By reducing the cost of labor, it can cover a larger area in less time. The handle on the four-stroke power weeder can be adjusted to increase operator comfort. It serves a variety of functions. Diesel fuel powers it. It is an automatic starter. It has two transmissions. There are three forward and two reverse gears on the front tiller, and two speeds on the back tiller for ditching.


●       The e-AgroCare brand

●       Model of Engine: Diesel

●       Diesel 4-stroke engine type

●       shifting: three forward, one backward

●       D 531 Rear Tiller, model

●       6.3 kW of power at 3600 RPM

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  • Company Name Samruddhi agro
  • Country of Origin India
  • Address pandharkavada ganeshpur hydrabad road pandharkavada dist yavatmal, Vidarbha, Maharashtra-445001
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Samruddhi agro
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