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Sun glasses

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Product Description

Sunglasses are a unique type of fashion accessory. Needless to add, they must reliably protect our eyes from glare and dangerous UV radiation. They must, nevertheless, be enjoyable to wear. They express your individual style and personality - and not just when the light shines!

Many people are unaware of how practical and customizable sunglasses - particularly the lenses - may be these days. Dive into the world of Shahid optical’s to discover your sunglass type, the functions your customized sunglasses require, and the type of sunglass lenses that are best for you: polarising, self-tinting, or lenses with the exact tint you desire. Choose your favorite!

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  • Sun Glasses 89

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  • Company Name Shahid optical’s
  • Country of Origin India
  • Address Dharam kata, Amravati, Maharashtra-444601
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Shahid optical’s
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