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Seller Query Base

Yes, you can register for free on IndiaUdhyog. On the Home Page, you can sign up for free by filling in basic details like name,number. Next, you have to fill in your personal details, business details and product details. A complete filled form means that you have chances of higher visibility. But to get more leads, you need to opt for our paid services.

For increased visibility of our products, you can use the paid services of IndiaUdhyog. The signup will be the same as free registration. But after opting for paid services, you will get increased leads from buyers through increased visibility of your products. Also, the different levels of subscription will be explained to you by our customer care staff.

Buy Lead is a filtered buyer purchase requirement that is passed on to the suppliers who have listed those products. The Buy Lead is available to the sellers on their dashboard or is sent as SMS or email. The Buy Lead contains the buyer requirements about the particular product including their contact information. The suppliers can choose whether to go ahead with the purchase requirement or not.
The lead manager section in the seller profile dashboard displays details of all the leads and helps you to manage them. It has a search filter to help you sort the buy leads through date, location or name. It will give you details of the leads of a particular buyer. You can even create a customized quotation for product requirements from buyers.
While it is not necessary to list the exact price, it is mandatory to at least provide a price range so that it helps in buyer decisions.
IndiaUdhyog sees the past history of sellers like their buyer dealing response, frequency of selling, frequency of responding to sellers, paid services ,and so on. The paid and verified suppliers will be placed on top of the list.
As a seller, always insist on clear written terms and conditions from the buyer regarding the price, payment details, delivery details, return policy , and other necessary documents.
Buyer Query Base

The buyer registers through a simple sign-up process. Like any other user, they can search for products they want on IndiaUdhyog.

No, it is not necessary that you are a business entity to buy products through IndiaUdhyog. For sellers here, you are a prospective buyer, no matter whether you own a business or not.

No, IndiaUdhyog is a platform that connects buyers with suppliers. It does not give assurance of the quality of products from sellers. We provide buyers with multiple seller options. It is up to the buyer to verify the genuineness of the products with the sellers before placing the order.
IndiaUdhyog is an e-commerce platform to make sellers visible to buyers. IndiaUdhyog tries its best to bring good sellers on its platform. If any seller does not fulfill your purchase requirements, IndiaUdhyog will not be responsible for it because we do not take part in the negotiations and payment transactions between the buyer and the seller. But as a responsible e-commerce platform, we try to resolve the issue on priority. The buyer can send us seller feedback and we will take appropriate action against the complaint.
The search text box on the Home Page helps you to find your required product either by its brand name, its simple name or with the added specification. You can also search for sellers directly by typing their names in the search area.
No, the buyer gets the services free of cost from IndiaUdhyog. The paid services are only for the sellers.
Search for your required product in the search box and you will find a “Get Quote” button right down the search box. You have to click on this button and you will be required to fill in details like the quantity required and the total order value and proceed further. The location preference, the use of the product and the complete contact details are a must so that your product can be filtered and shared by us to the most appropriate sellers.